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Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) is dedicated to developing energy projects that can help meet our future energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner. The 152 MW Keenan II wind farm began commercial operations on December 22, 2010, The project will operate under a 20 year PPA with Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E). OG&E is committed to investing in wind power and has made it a beneficial part of Oklahoma’s economy. We are proud to work with the Woodward community to help meet the energy needs of this region and the country.

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CPV Renewable Energy Company began construction in April on the 152 megawatt wind farm planned
12 miles southwest of Woodward.  It is the second phase of a multi-phased wind generation project with a total build-out potential exceeding 400 megawatts . . . more

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CPV: An Energy Company for North America's Future

Competitive Power Ventures, LLC (CPV) is dedicated to increasing North America’s sustainability; both economically and environmentally. Using domestically available energy sources, like wind and natural gas, and partnering with host communities to support their tax base and school districts, CPV works to stabilize and improve local and state economies. . . more